The British Underwater Rugby Association

The British Underwater Rugby Association (BURA) is the body responsible for all national matters relating to the sport of Underwater Rugby in the UK.
In 2018, Underwater Rugby achieved official recognition as an amateur sport in the UK when CMAS accepted BURA as a full member body. In conjunction with clubs, we aim to promote, advance, foster and cultivate the game of Underwater Rugby, and provide access to social and competitive experiences throughout the UK for all people at all levels.

  • Create visibility and develop the sport of Underwater Rugby in the UK.
  • Become an active member of the World Underwater Rugby community by participating/attending seminars, training camps, tournaments and any other activities that are promoted by the International UW-Rugby community and open to other international UW-Rugby Commissions.
  • Provide Vision, Direction, and Oversight to all affiliated clubs, universities, individuals, and entities that partner with the UWRA in the promotion and development of Underwater Rugby in the UK.
  • Promote and adhere to the rules and constitution of the BURA and CMAS UW-Rugby Commissions.
  • Collaborate with clubs, associations, universities, and companies that have a common goal that is in the interest of the pursuit of our objectives stated above.